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More than ever - reputation matters! Even more than ever – customer satisfaction matters. Every customer is now a potential critic, whose critique could affect the success of any business.Online reviews have become an essential tool for businesses

All too often reviews posted cause damage to a business which is impossible to repair. Reviews can be unfair, judgemental, emotional, exaggerated and even fake. A customer can now even post a bad review that can go viral on social media before they have even paid for the service. Our research has shown that most businesses prefer the opportunity to solve a problem and achieve a satisfied customer than to receive a poor review. Review Watchdog™ is a global review option that brings "Fairness" to online reviews, providing a WIN WIN for customers and businesses.

Risk List is the only list in the world of fake / unreasonable reviewers and businesses with a "don't care" policy.

Our Mission is to make all reviews fair and equal.


Review Watchdog™ is a global review option that brings “Fairness” to online reviews, providing a WIN WIN for customers and businesses. Reviewing offers an easy way to vent anger towards a business following dissatisfaction; however this is often without giving the responsible parties the opportunity to defend themselves and to resolve the issue. Businesses continue to be irreparably damaged by negative reviews, some small business owners can even lose everything due to one bad review. Is this really what a reviewer is looking to achieve, our research has shown that most reviewers would prefer a fair resolution.

Good review or Bad review?

"Food Good, Service Bad" although the food was "good", the negative of the “Bad Service” is much more powerful.

Good News travels fast, Bad News travels faster!

With reviews Fairness is everything. Behind every business are real people who care about their business, their customers and their reputation. Review Watchdog™ provide you with a fair alternative to posting a bad review, before you post a bad review it will take just a couple of minutes to send your complaint to Review Watchdog™ , we will then mediate your complaint with the business that has disappointed you to enable you to achieve a solution.


How it works

People trust people – regrettably they do not even need to know their full name or anything about them to trust what someone says in a negative review.

A negative review will count much more than 10 positive reviews and can break a business.

That said, the customer is always right and deserves the best possible service. But is it possible to make "everyone happy all of the time", accepting this there will be complaints and the cause for negative reviews.

Instead of posting a negative review which will only feed your emotions why not seek a remedy with Review Watchdog™ :

Just 3 easy steps

Your complaint managed to customer satisfaction with no need for a punishing review

  • Join now – it’s Free and will take only a few moments
  • Enter details of your complaint – just fill in our simple form including What? Where? When? And the remedy you are seeking
  • We will contact the business and revert back to you with an explanation and resolution within 14 days

Your complaint managed and mediated to customer satisfaction



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